Custom Items

Turn around time is typically two weeks but can vary depending on my schedule. Use the contact forms to reach out with any questions at all. Rush orders can be placed at an additional 25%.

Birthday Boards

Birthday boards are used to display information about your child's growth, development and favorite things. Retirement boards (or adult birthday boards!) fall in this category and display historical and fun facts from a special year. 

Birthday boards start at $100 -- assuming 2-3 colors on a large sign (easel size or similar) with minimal layout and embellishments, on reusable surfaces (i.e. glass, chalkboard). Boards are provided by client unless otherwise specified.

Corn Hole Boards

Corn hole boards are made from scratch and built by a local artisan. They can be fully customized. Once built, I design the boards to fit your personal style.   

Custom corn hole boards start at $250. Bean bags not included but may be available for an additional fee. 

  • seasonal items

  • personalized stationery & cards

  • custom gifts

  • home decor

  • and more!

Other Items